This Week On YouTube August 5th-11th

This week on YouTube August 5th-11th. Fellow YouTuber herself Ashley breaks down this week’s trending videos! Check out our list below, and tell us in the comments if we missed your favourite YouTuber

Jake Paul Releases ” WE GOT MARRIED”

Do you hear the wedding bells too? Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau posted about their wedding, after duo got married on July 28th 2019. Jake Paul released a video this week giving us an inside look into their wedding and how it all went down. Personally we think they’re so good together!

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Jeffree Star releases “Jeffree Star x Morphe Artistry Palette Reveal”

This is one video we were next level excited for. We’re huge makeup fans, as well as a Jeffree Star fans, and we’ll be adding this to our collection asap. The palette has so many gorgeous colors, so if you’re a makeup fan like us, you’ll definitely enjoy this video.

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Unspeakable releases “Building A Secret Underwater Base”

This video caught our attention immediately – it’s something different and unique to what you typically see on YouTube. In this video, Unspeakable showes us how they built their underwater base. At first, we were thinking – how in the world are they going to hold their breath for so long? This does look pretty cool, however, we wouldn’t recommend trying this at home.

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Bretman Rock releases “My Sister Does My Makeup”

For this video, Bret has his sister do his makeup. And if you follow Bret‘s channel then you already know he roasts his sister a lot. This video gave us so many laughs, the pair are so relatable.

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The LaBrant Family released ” The LaBrant Family’s Official New Intro Video”

The LaBrant Family – we stan. Their content is very entertaining, whilst also having a strong positive message. With their latest video, they show us their new intro! We know a lot of hard work goes into these, they’re quite difficult to make and the editing process can be long. Check out the video to see it!

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Jenna Marbles releases “I Gave Myself A Claires Makeover”

Jenna never fails to entertain us with her crazy videos, and her latest is no exception. This time, she visits to Claires to find various items she can use to complete her makeover. Let’s be real, we all use to shop at Claires when we where 9-14, right? She uses scrunchies, stick-on earrings, and many other items to complete her crazy new look.

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Cody Ko releases ” 5 Min Crafts, Watermelon Party”

In this one, Cody tests out the 5 minute hack videos we always see on our Facebook, or other social media. Will some of them work? Cody puts them to the test. Upon watching the video, we discover some just seemed too difficult or made us have to go too far out of our way to try.

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Tati releases ” $5 DRUGSTORE MAKEUP that Outperforms LUXURY”

Tati is well known for her role in the beauty community on YouTube, and this time around in classic Tati fashion, she tries out various drugstore makeup to see if they work better than luxury/expensive brands. We use some drugstore bands ourself and WOW she makes these work amazingly. Watch her latest video to see her test the items out!

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TFIL releases ” We Had To Save His Life!”

Elton invites his friends Sam Golbach, Colby Brock, Corey Scherer, and Andrea Russett, to go white water rafting in this video. During their adventure, they get stuck on some rocks – sending us into a fit of laughter. It looks like they had a lot of fun on this adventure.

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Ryland Adams releases “I Wore My Moms Wedding Dress For A Day”

If you haven’t heard (because you’ve been living under a rock), Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams got engaged this week! AH, we love them together! In Ryland’s video, he tries on his mother’s dress – and might we add, looks way better than we would. He vlogs himself wearing the dress the entire day, even taking the fun to Target with his sister Morgan Adams and his mother. As you’d guess he got a few strange stares.. but who wouldn’t! He looked gorgeous!

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This Week On Youtube August 5th-11th has reached its conclusion, did you see any new YouTubers you didn’t know about before? Any you were already a fan of? Let us know in the comments!

Words: Ashley Bizzell, PopSundae Writer
Featured Image: Andreea Farcas, PopSundae Art Director

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