Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics: What in the Lipsticks is Going On?

Following the awful launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics‘ lipstick line, Jaclyn Hill had deleted all of her social-media accounts. Which can only leave us to wonder where she’d run off to. After all, Jaclyn Hill lipsticks have been the talk of the town for quite some time now.

**As of July 23, Hill is officially posting on her YouTube channel.

YouTuber turned CEO of her own company ran into some issues with the launch of her first batch of lipsticks. When her long-awaited cosmetics brand had debuted, fans were excited to see what the influencer had up her sleeve.

Jaclyn Hill
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However, many were saddened with her launch of 20 nude lipsticks, which were meant to flatter all skin tones. After all, Jaclyn had been building the hype up behind her company for years – even dating back to 2015/2016. Though, the lackluster launch has heads turning for more concerning reasons. The lipsticks have sparked a debate all across social media; broken and melted lipsticks, hair within the product, and bumps as well as scratches all over the bullet. 

Complaints & Concerns

To start, fans were upset with how quick the website was to crash when they were ready to purchase. There were many complaints on launch day that consumers had to purchase the whole set in order to get one of the lipsticks, even if they didn’t want it. Not to mention the price – $300. Others had similar issues with waiting in the never ending checkout line only to get booted back to the homepage, losing their place in line and the items in their cart.

Not to mention fans paid for express shipping and they were receiving their items after people who didn’t pay extra for shipping. On top of that, Jaclyn‘s team sent out PR way too late in the game and certain influencers had already spent money on lipsticks from her site. (And there were some inconsistencies between the lipsticks sent from the warehouse and lipsticks received in PR.)

When all was said and done and lipsticks were set out to be delivered, fans had multiple complaints about their lipsticks. Ranging from hairs, spots, lumps, as well as broken bullets and packaging. Hill claims that the thought to be hair is due to the texture of the gloves that had been used during quality control of her products.

“My Lipsticks”

She tweeted, “If any of you are receiving lipsticks like this… please know that this is NOT hair! My factory used brand new white gloves to do quality control & they shed all over my product! We switched to rubber gloves 2 days ago & will make sure this never happens again.” 

Jaclyn Cosmetics took to Twitter to address any concerns from people inquiring about refunds. “The team is working to resolve the following outstanding payments: PayPal refunds, chargebacks, partial refunds, customers who purchased with Visa gift cards or similar. Contact us with any questions at help@jaclyncosmetics.com,” the tweet read. The brand’s website asks for customers to allow at least a week for refunds to get added back to their accounts.  

Jaclyn Hill Lipsticks Youtube
Jaclyn Hill | YouTube

Hill decided to speak out publicly on the backlash her brand was getting, making a video for YouTube. She speaks on issues such as the melting issue, white fuzzies, black holes, grittiness and texture, and says that she’s working on fixing each of these. The video runs 14 minutes in total, currently being ratioed by the 152,000 dislikes. Hill says that her lipsticks are in no way expired, and the “lipsticks did not go into mass production until the same month that [Hill] launched [her] brand.” She denies that her lipsticks are moldy, hazardous, or unsafe for users.

Addressing the Concerns

In June, Hill addressed the concerns with her lipsticks, which some have gone as far as to say have caused them to have lip infections. Some people say their lips have become swollen and bumpy after using the line launched by Hill. Many people on Twitter have said that they’re experiencing severe irritation on their lips — including cold sores — due to Jaclyn Cosmetics’ lipsticks. Users have gone as far as to say that they’d been prescribed medication to stop their symptoms. If these allegations are true, Jaclyn has a lot of explaining to do.

In a now deleted Instagram story, Hill said that she “planned to push back several launches” and would work on refunding every customer of the brand. “I have decided and made the decision to give every single person who purchased one of my lipsticks a full refund,” Hill continued to say, “I know that there are a lot of people out there — it doesn’t look like it on social media — but with all the emails in the back end, there’s a lot of people who love their lipsticks. But I don’t care if 195,000 people loved a lipstick. If three people are having an issue, that’s what’s going to keep me awake at night.”

She mentioned that all customers who purchased from her website would receive an email with their refund in the next twenty four hours. Jaclyn Cosmetics reached out to customers with a similar message that reads, “We are reaching out to let you know that you will be receiving a full refund for your Jaclyn Cosmetics purchase, including shipping charges.” Many applauded her for her decision to refund consumers. But, some were less than impressed, saying “she wants trust but won’t own up to obvious lies.”

Jaclyn Hill
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Deja Vu

Hill went on to say in the deleted Instagram story that it was important to her that she makes things right. Though she’s completely disappeared from all socials as of right now.

In Hill’s video uploaded to YouTube, she goes on to say that there was a low percentage of people that were reaching out via customer service email. Fans had a moment of “where have we heard this before?” Well, turns out that this wasn’t the first time Hill had tried to use that to make herself look good. When she launched her collaboration with MorpheThe Vault – she was met with backlash.

Hill said that a low percentage of the palettes had been returned and begged people who bought them and were unhappy to reach out to her. She used the same gimmicks in her lipstick video, saying that “less than 1% of customers” have had bad experiences.

Kevin James Bennett (@KJBennettBeauty) commented on Hill’s video. “Thoughts on the @JaclynHill video: Full makeup, filters, and an ‘Empowered Women’ t-shirt? Subliminal messaging (for the stans). Gotta give her props, she’s an elite-level con artist. It’s a masterclass in deception – mesmerizing and terrifying all at the same time. #StillLying”

Testing the Theories

There’s also been conspiracies that Jeffree Star had Skin Frosts that were being delivered with long black hairs/wires embedded in the product. From the looks of it, fans thoughts that it could be the same lab that Jaclyn Cosmetics had been using.

After too many people started noticing the same problems with their Jaclyn Cosmetics lipsticks, some decided to take action. They sent their lipsticks in for testing, and others with scientific backgrounds decided to test them themselves. Betty Wilder, who has a background in science, posted her results. “Approx 120 hour microbial check. Confirmed positive yeast/mold results on lid sample,” she wrote to Twitter.

Jaclyn Hill
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Keep it Boujee

Some fans had theories that they thought too good not to share. They wondered if the component was old and that was what infected the actual lipstick product. This was a good theory, but wouldn’t account for the shards of metal found in some of the lipsticks.

Though Jaclyn Cosmetics claimed to have put $100k worth of testing into their products, they were intrigued by Betty’s results. They reached out to her via email asking for the full report of testing to conduct a full investigation.

To which Betty replied, “I heard Ms. Hill is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct her own testing. Certainly that will suffice to provide you with answers to any questions you may have. If you have any further questions about sufficient quality control measures for future launches, you may inquire about my consulting fees. Keep it boujee.”

Hill Goes M.I.A.

Following Marlena Stell’s video, “Dear Influencers,” where she speaks out about her thoughts on the beauty community, as well as Jaclyn Cosmetics‘ lipsticks; Hill started posting childhood photos on Twitter. She also allegedly began to like fans’ tweets about/to her. Jaclyn confronted fans online that had negative things to say, but ultimately deleted the tweets. Only to get called out once again.

Jaclyn said on Twitter, “I deleted it because I immediately got hateful comments & although everything I stated is 1,000% true, I need to protect my mental state first and foremost. And I know people think that makes me a ‘victim’ but honestly, my sanity needs to come first.” Soon after she published the tweet, she deactivated her social media accounts.

She made statements through those closest to her, like her ex husband, her mother, and a fan page for her. This didn’t sit well with fans, who were shocked and upset that she would rather hide away than face the heat.

Jaclyn Cosmetics Will Be Back

Shortly after Hill deactivated her socials, her website was no longer offering the lipsticks to be sold. Though, it’s hard to tell at this point if that’s certain. Betty Wilder took to Twitter once more when she received updated lab results. Wilder wrote, “[Jaclyn Cosmetics] are in violation of the FD&C Act prohibiting the marketing of adulterated or misbranded cosmetics in interstate commerce. This product must be recalled.”

“Poor mixing as admitted to […] results in silica, clay, and pigment ingredient settling to the tip of the lipstick. These ingredients may cause scratches and injury to the lips which may be further inflamed by secondary infections,” Wilder continued. Jaclyn Cosmetics had no comment on the allegations, though they explained why they haven’t set a recall.

On their website, they answered “Why are you not recalling the lipsticks?” The message reads, “After a thorough investigation and extensive third-party testing, several labs and safety assessors have confirmed that while a fraction of our lipsticks did not meet our brand standards of quality, they are in full compliance with FDA regulation and safe to use.”

FDA & It’s Role Within Cosmetics

Many wondered why the FDA remained silent when all of these problems with Jaclyn’s lipsticks were coming to light. In a video by Spill, a commentary YouTube channel, she explains that this isn’t the FDA‘s role. According to the FDA, “the law does not require cosmetic products and ingredients, other than color additives, to have FDA approval before they go on the market.”

However, there are laws that must be followed that do apply to certain cosmetics on the market. In Jaclyn’s “My Lipsticks” video, she claims that all ingredients are FDA approved. The FDA doesn’t approve cosmetic ingredients or products — only color additives. Under the law, cosmetic products do not require FDA premarket approval.

FDA.gov offers some insight on recalls and how to take action. Recalls of cosmetics are considered a voluntary action that must be taken by manufacturers or distributors. The FDA is not authorized to order recalls of any cosmetics, though they do monitor companies that conduct recalls.

Reaching Out

Despite her accounts being deleted, fans are still sending complaints to whoever they can get in contact with. There are plenty of fans that took to Twitter to complain that they hadn’t gotten their refunds, and frankly are tired of waiting. Considering that some have waited as long as three weeks to get their money back for contaminated product, it’s safe to say Hill may never live this one down. Not to mention, there’s about 29,000 angry consumers that signed a petition on Change.org that calls for the lipsticks to be recalled. 

The numbers are rising every second and the petition has been active for a month. In the “Reasons for Signing” section, users are sharing their horror stories. Caren Collins writes, “I’m signing because I’m currently sick from using her lipstick. She needs to take responsibility and remove these.” Another user writes, “I am on antibiotics because I’m on chemo and I have a fever of 102 since using her lipsticks.” 

While there’s a lot going on, it’s obvious these lipsticks are contaminated. Health and safety are at stake, and she needs to take action. These lipsticks need to be recalled and the formula worked on. Maybe then Jaclyn Cosmetics can make a comeback.

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Jaclyn Hill has officially updated viewers on where she’s been as of July 23, 2019. She posted a nineteen minute long video to her YouTube channel where she appears shaky, uneasy, and jittery. She speaks about deleting her social media accounts, quotes Kurt Cobain, and mentions that this video may be the biggest mistake of her career. Hill touches on her mental health in the video; pointing out that her viewers have been there through her anxiety, depression, and even her divorce.

The CEO cracks jokes as she goes throughout the video, mentioning that she tried to keep this video from appearing like any other YouTube apology video. She mentions that she made sure to do her hair and makeup, that she wasn’t wearing a hoodie and crying on the floor, her backdrop set up perfectly behind her. Hill gets teary-eyed as she admits she’s scared of people seeing her as a victim, and she’s “terrified of saying the wrong things.” After, she makes note that she wants to get back to doing makeup tutorials, which are her real passion.

Jaclyn Hill finally admits that her launch was a failure. Admitting that because she was overly confident, she ended up appearing cocky. She does not address any rumors about her brand, the launch, or the lipsticks themselves. Though, says that her quality control team was not big enough for her launch. Hill shifts the blame to a multitude of things throughout the video, never fully putting it on herself.

Righting Wrongs

Hill explains that while she has taken action to right her wrongs, she doesn’t feel the need to express what she’s done. She says everything she does within her brand is “confidential” and she doesn’t need to share it with the whole world. Offering some insight, she does mention that she’s fired “so many people.” Not to mention, built a new quality control team. After she deactivated her social media accounts, she spent time rebuilding her team and reflecting on the situation.

After several meetings, Hill found another lab to create future launches with. She explains that she’s bummed out by the failure, and shares upsetting news. For the rest of the year, every 6-8 weeks Hill had a new launch scheduled for fans that had been anticipating Jaclyn Cosmetics for years. She’s pulled every project from that lab that had been in the works. The brand will be relocating to a different lab, with production starting relatively soon.

The Big Picture

You probably shouldn’t be using expired makeup, but, let’s be real — we all do. Whether it’s that lipstick you have from MAC just taking up space, or an old eyeshadow palette you’ve never hit pan on. We all do it, but what are the real dangers?

Most people don’t stay on top of expiration dates, especially since the product doesn’t “go bad.” Experts say you don’t have to worry too much! There aren’t very many issues that using expired makeup will cause, except the product not being fresh or the color payoff being vibrant. But don’t get too excited. There still are some issues with using expired makeup.

While your makeup is aging, the ingredients inside of that product will oxidize and change how the product performs. Preservatives can also start to break down in certain circumstances. It’s warned that even if the cosmetic hasn’t been open, it may not be safe to use when exposed to air. If you continually use expired makeup, you may be at risk for infections and breakouts.

There are no U.S. laws that require cosmetics to have specific shelf lives or expiration dates on their labels.

There’s a guideline for how long you’ll be with your favorite makeup products. The product’s packaging will most likely have a symbol called the Period After Opening symbol. It’s shaped like a container and will have “#_M” written on it. This will tell you how many months you have to use the product after opening.

But here’s an idea of how to regulate some of your favorite makeup items. Joshua Zeicher, MD, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research Department of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, says to Hope Daniels for Reader’s Digest, “anything moist that’s touching wet parts of the body–eyes, lips, open skin–lasts a shorter period of time.” If the product can’t be sterilized, you’re better off getting rid of it.

Mascara should generally be tossed every three months, concealers/foundations/liquid and cream products mainly have a life expectancy of one year. Powder products last longer, up to user. Lip products are good for around one year.

Words: Shae Arabella | Photo: Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

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